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Hi! Welcome to the Book Corner Blog. This is a blog all about children’s books. As children ourselves we are experts on the subject and we want to share our knowledge with all of you. We know that many children associate reading with school. We hope that this can change since there are so many books out there that are nothing to do with school but still very, very good. On our blog we hope to introduce children and young adults to books that they will want to read instead of ones they think they should read. We are also hoping to include some author interviews. We have so many questions to ask the authors of our favorite books. There are some books that you read and they just fill you up with questions. We want to get answers to those questions. We hope that our blog will cover those topics as well as many more. We will try to post at least once a week and we would be overjoyed if you were to read some of them.  Saoirse and Neassa at The Book Corner