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Neassa's Christmas List

Neassa's Christmas List I know that it’s really early to be thinking about Christmas, but I can’t help it. It’s my favourite day of the year and I always start looking forward to it really, really early. And once I start thinking about it, I can’t stop.  Every year, I ask for books for Christmas. Lots and lots of books. My friends all think I’m crazy when they walk around with their new phones and Gucci skirts, but, to be honest, I would prefer to be reading a good book then talking on a new phone. This year, I have a really interesting list of books that I like the look of, and I thought, why not write a post about it? If you enjoy this post, then tell me about it in the comments and tell me if you have any books on your Christmas list and what they are! The Kill Order I really want the Kill Order by JamesDashner for Christmas. It is the fourth book in the Maze Runner book, a series that I really enjoy because it is really unique, unlike any other series I have read. They are abou

Neassa’s bookshelf

  Neassa’s bookshelf I have a really big bookshelf in my room where I keep all of my books (that I don’t just borrow from Saoirse!).People often tell me that I have a weird bookshelf because I have a wide variety of books that I like on it. I personally think that you can’t have a “weird” bookshelf as long as you have a bookshelf that is full of books that you love to read and show who you are as a reader. Whether you love to be on edge with a thriller or love to settle down with a laugh - a - minute comedy, your bookshelf should show everyone this. I thought that it would be fun to write a post where I told aloof you what’s on my bookshelf. I really like all of these books right now so this is really what kind of books I like. I would be delighted if you could tell me one of the books on your bookshelf in the comments! Skulduggery Pleasant books I have almost the entire Skulduggery Pleasant series on my bookshelf and I‘m always re-reading them because they are my favourite books. I lo

About us

Hi everyone! A big hello to those of you new to the blog and welcome back to those of you who have visited before :). We know a lot of you have recently just heard about us, so we decided to make a post about ourselves. There are also some announcements towards the end, so stick around. This post will be split into three sections: about us, about our blog and a short bit about our business, with a little mini section with our links and social media at the end. About Us As most of you already know, our names are Saoirse and Neassa and we are 13 and 11 years old.  We live in the (quite large) town of Drogheda, Ireland and go to school there as well. Saoirse is in secondary school and Neassa in primary. Over lockdown we were very bored, and needed something to do. One day we were watching an episode of Dragon’s Den and we both agreed it would be great to be able to do something together to promote reading, ideally involving a business. The next day the idea for The Book Corner was born. T