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Happy New Year

  Happy New Year We were looking back over all the huge milestones we hit in 2020. This was our blog’s first year running, and our businesses as well.  So many things have happened and we are so thankful for all the help and support we have got, from our family, friends, teachers and random supporters, because this wouldn’t be possible without them. That is why we are going to dedicate our blog post for the first time. This post is dedicated to every person who has helped us, especially our parents, who have driven us around, listened to our business plans and helped us to be as effective as possible. Here we have a list of milestones hit in the unpredictable year that was 2020: Our First Blog Post Our first blog post was published on April 28th and was called welcome. Since then we have published 27 posts, gathering a total of 1441 views! Our post with the most views is Welcome, closely followed by Our favourite books. The launch of our Business Our business was officially launched on