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Our Favourite Books

     Our Favourite Books We have decided to do this blog post a little bit differently than normal. Instead of us writing the blog post on the perspective of both of us at the same time, we are going to split this blog post in half, I (Neassa) am going to write half of it in my perspective and Saoirse is going to do the other half in hers. Neassa What is your favourite reading genre? My favourite genre of books is fiction. I like a lot of the categories included in that genre like fantasy and comedy. I like to read books that are really different from the last book that I read. That’s why I often go from books like the Hunger Games to books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. My very favourite part of fiction is fantasy. I really like reading about witches and wizards, but in quite a realistic way. My second favourite part of fiction is books that are really dramatic and a bit sad. Who is your favourite author? My favourite author is probably Jacquline Wilson, although it changes with great reg

How To Love Your Bookshelf

          How To Love Your Bookshelf At the Book Corner we really love the bookshelves that we have in our rooms and believe that everyone's bookshelf should represent who they are as a person. For example if you like to crack jokes and say funny things your bookshelf probably will have joke books, funny stories and comedy books. What is very important about your bookshelf is that you like the books on it and that you would read any of them right now. It often happens that you are looking for a book to read and you notice that you have outgrown your books. If this is happening to you it might be time to update your bookshelf. In order to update your bookshelf, you first look at your bookshelf and then you take off any books that you wouldn’t read again. Then you go down to your local charity shop or sell them at a car boot sale. After that you might want to get some new books so you might want to go down to your local bookshop or to an online shop [like ours!] Once you have a books

Book Reviews

                    Book Reviews Here at The Book Corner, we love to read books and have for a very long time. We know that writing book reviews feels like a school assignment, but it’s really not. A lot of people don’t know what book reviews are  useful for. Well for starters, say you have just finished a really good book and you want to remember what happened for as long as you possibly can. How do you do this?  Simple, you take a few minutes out of your busy life to write a book review, so that if you ever forget what happened you can just read the book review and remember what happened in the book. Also, if you go on to websites like goodreads, you can share your book reviews and read other peoples reviews as well. How is this helpful? Well, it means that if you are thinking about reading a book but your not really sure if you’ll like it or not, you can read what other people think of it and that could help you to make your decision. Book reports can also be a good way to come to t