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Awesome Authors

                   Awesome Authors Image Source Sometimes, it can be really hard to pick a book to read. If you have a list of authors that many other people enjoy, it could help you pick a book at those moments when you haven’t got a clue what to read Children aged 2-4 We have a list of authors that many children aged 2-4 will most likely enjoy Julia Donaldson: Julia Donaldson writes short books with colourful illustrations on every page. All of her books rhyme, which helps to sooth your child. Her most popular book is “Room on the Broom” Eric Carle: Eric Carle writes short books with bright pictures on every page. His books are very often about animals and usually have morals to help us live our lives to the “fullest”. His most famous book is “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” David Walliams: David Walliams writes short books with beautiful illustrations on every page. He also writes books for older children. His books don’t usually rhyme but are often very funny. His most popular young c

Big News!

                                     Big News  Today, the 19th of June 2020, the Book Corner have taken the next step towards our ultimate goal, to have children everywhere enjoying books that they like and not just reading what people tell them to read.  We have opened an online store selling second-hand children's books. Hopefully, this will encourage children to read more often.  Because of our reasonable prices, you won't have to spend all your money on a book that you want.  Our online store is called The Book Corner and we are really excited about launching it today. If you wish to visit our website, then click on this link  The Book Corner Happy Reading The Book Corner

Book vs films

   Books vs films At the book corner, we love both books and films. We would often watch a movie and read a book that have the same story, and then compare them to see which ones we prefer. Most of the time it is a fifty-fifty split. There are many points to come to before we decide which we prefer. Time Time is a big one when comparing a book against the film that was made from it. You see, a book can be anywhere from one hundred pages to one thousand pages, and you can take your time reading it. Where as a film can’t really be anymore than four hours long and this can sometimes cause major issues. See, if you have an action packed book then there might not be time to give each scene the time that it had in the book. This sometimes means that the producer has to put two scenes together [Like they do in Harry Potter] or cut scenes [which they do in almost every book-based movie] either way this can cause annoyance for the fans of the book that the movie is based on. Character appearanc

Why you think you don’t like reading.

Why you think you don’t like reading. So many people believe they don’t like reading. We at The Book Corner believe that this is an untrue and harmful belief.  There are many reasons that people think that they don’t like reading, and most of them have easy solutions. Physical books are weird Some people don’t like the look, feel or smell of books. If this puts you off reading then you could try an e-reader or read online. Many websites offer “virtual books” and this can easily solve the problem of not liking the look, feel or smell of books. Reading is schoolwork Many people associate reading with school.  This is a common assumption but it is also completely wrong.There are many books that have nothing to do with school, and they are often the ones that people find easiest and most enjoyable to read. Books are boring. All books are boring is another inaccurate belief many people hold.  There are definitely books that some people will find boring, but that doesn’t mean that all books

Finding your favourite reading genre.

Finding your favourite reading genre. Finding your favourite reading genre(s) means knowing what category the books you enjoy or fit into. Many people believe that they don't enjoy reading.       At the Book Corner, we believe that this is not true. We believe that the reason people carry this negative and untrue belief is because they have not yet found the genre or style of writing they enjoy.  For example, if you are someone who thinks happy endings are the worst (we relate), reading a fairy tale where the prince rescues the princess and they live happily ever after is not fun.  That experience may lead you to believe that you don't like reading, but, if you had tried another genre/book, you may have loved it and realised that you do actually enjoy reading.  Having a genre of book that you enjoy can really help you when you are looking for new books.  It means you know what kind of books you enjoy, and are not just randomly picking any old book.  With that in mind, we decide