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Saoirse's September

Hi everyone! This week, I thought we could do things a little differently. It's just me, writing a blog post on my own (a rare occurrence), so I thought I would write a post about the books I read in September.

This month was a good month for me, as I read (and bought!) a lot of books :).

Let's get into the list!

1. Morganville Vampires 3-5 by Rachel Caine.

Rating: 7/10

This is a series about a girl (Clare Danvers) who moves to a quiet town close to home to attend college. What she doesn't realise is that this "quiet" town is crawling with vampires. After an attack she at her dorm, she moves into the Glass House, where she learns the truth about Morganville. She wants to leave ASAP, but will she be able to get past the vampires and will she leave her newfound friends....

2. Immortals: Evermore by Alyson Noel

Rating: 6/10

This is the first book in a series about a girl (Ever) who falls for a boy she meets in school. But this is no ordinary girl - or boy for that matter. Ever can read minds and see auras, and Damen is the only person she has met who seems to have none. She slowly falls for him as he brings her to beautiful places, but all is not what it seems... 

3. Twilight: New Moon (Book 2) by Stephanie Meyer

    Rating: 6/10

I bought this book for myself, as I really enjoyed Twilight. This book was good, but not as good as the first. It follows the story of Bella, a normal girl who falls for Edward and beautiful and different boy. But in the first chapter he leaves her heartbroken. But all is not what it seems... What is going on?

4. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Rating: 8/10

I bought this book because I had read the Delirium series and loved it. This book didn't disappoint! It is about a girl who has to relive her last 24 hours over and over again, trying to perfect them each time. I really enjoyed its originality,. 

That's it! Some of you may be skeptical on whether I read all those (6) books in just 30 days. I can tell you, on my honour, I did. I read extremely fast (something that isn't always a good thing) and very often. I might write a blog post about that, actually, if this one gets a good response. 

Thanks for reading until the end. I hope you enjoyed this. I would definitely recommend buying/borrowing any (or all) of the books I mentioned above.

Happy reading!


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